Looking for a New Home? Protect Yourself!

Your Real Estate Buyer's Guide to the Ozarks

We are coming to the start of hunting season here in the Ozarks and land properties are a must buy for the avid outdoors enthusiast; however, residential properties are still being viewed by prospective first-time home owners looking for a quiet place to set roots. For those who are about to place their money into their new home, I want to caution you with some words of advice: Protect Your Investment!

When you go to see your lender for the first time (whether it is for pre-qualification, pre-approval, or at the time of loan application), they are required to give you Form HUD-92564-CN, which looks like this:

Screenshot 2016-09-15 12.13.10

The overall reason to consider a home inspection is you get an unbiased third party to look over your investment. An inspector will get into the nitty-gritty of what makes your home stand up and they will be able to tell you of anything that might need some TLC when you take ownership of the home.

When you are making this decision, you need to know that you, as the buyer, must ask for a home inspection. You can even make your home inspection part of the contract agreement, ensuring you understand where you are placing your money.

An important thing to understand is that an appraisal is not the same as a home inspection. Appraisals are an overall estimation of the home’s worth and to ensure that it is, indeed, marketable. As such, appraisals are for the lender, not the buyer. For the buyer, a home inspection looks at the soundness, not the value, of the home, and serves as a means of seeing things that an appraiser may miss.

Overall, when you move anywhere, you have to ensure that you are an informed buyer. This is your money and home ownership is an investment in your future. You want to have the best investment your money can buy. Our real estate agents are more than willing to help you find an inspector that you can trust. More importantly, our agents want one thing above all else: to help you find a home you will love for the rest of your life.

– Chris

PS: Whether you already own your home or are interested in buying properties in the Ozarks, owning a home requires stewardship of your investment. Steven Dabney of New Creations Inspections is an experienced inspector who can help you out. He can be reached at (417) 967-6491.


OML is Taking to the Skies!

Your Real Estate Buyer's Guide to the Ozarks

It’s an exciting time for Ozarks Mountain Living. Every day, we are working to expand our existing pool of resources to meet our goal: provide the ability to cover the largest possible market at the most competitive price to convince people that the Ozark Mountain Region is the best place to live.

As such, I want to introduce you all to a new transfer. She was an expensive acquisition, but her work comes highly touted and we know she will do great things at OML.

Meet the Phantom 4 Unmanned Aircraft System!


After hours of research and market testing, we are pleased to have purchased a drone for use to our advertisers in the future. While it’s not quite ready for launch, we are actively working towards being ready to offer this service as soon as possible. We want to give people the best view of the Ozarks and nothing beats the look an eye-in-the-sky can offer.

We are working out pricing, but we do know that there are some things that we want. We want to have this up, running and available as soon as possible.

We do have to register the drone and I want to name it and bestow it a fitting name. Any suggestions? Leave us a comment!

– Chris

Welcome to Ozarks Mountain Living!

Your Real Estate Buyer's Guide to the Ozarks

I am not one to assume much, but I assume you made your way to our site for one reason: an interest in living in the Ozark Mountains. Whether it is for a small plot where you can live sustainably, a large farm to raise cattle, or just wanting to get away from the pressures of the big city, then you have found a good place to call home.

Our residents here are friendly, always willing to lend a hand.

Our school systems are smaller than a large city; so, your children will get more one-on-one attention as class sizes are smaller.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 11.39.07

source: Huffington Post

The price of land is competitive and appreciate over time (agweb.com). Your dollar goes further here than in New York City (Taxfoundation.org).

$100 Map-state-01source: http://www.taxfoundation.org/blog/real-value-100-each-state-2015


Your cattle can graze for 300 days in the calendar year, meaning you can have fat, happy, and organically raised cattle to sell for a premium at market.

There are all four seasons here. Spring is mild and shows the reinvigoration of life. When you go to the Norfolk or Bull Shoals Lake in the summertime, the water is warm and you’ll get an amazing tan. The deciduous trees gracefully turn from green to orange, to brown, giving a striking view and gorgeous scenery. The winters are perfect to stay indoors, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy a warm mug of your favorite beverage.

The wildlife is plentiful and calls to the avid fisher, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast.

The outdoors are rugged and the terrain perfect for the camper who wants a challenging hike, but still able to find a campground.

Whatever your reason, take a look at our website. Every day, our advertisers are adding more and more listing. From the starter home to the executive ranch, our real estate agents have the perfect home for you.

Isn’t it time to find your forever home?

– Chris Gonzales