OML is Taking to the Skies!

Your Real Estate Buyer's Guide to the Ozarks

It’s an exciting time for Ozarks Mountain Living. Every day, we are working to expand our existing pool of resources to meet our goal: provide the ability to cover the largest possible market at the most competitive price to convince people that the Ozark Mountain Region is the best place to live.

As such, I want to introduce you all to a new transfer. She was an expensive acquisition, but her work comes highly touted and we know she will do great things at OML.

Meet the Phantom 4 Unmanned Aircraft System!


After hours of research and market testing, we are pleased to have purchased a drone for use to our advertisers in the future. While it’s not quite ready for launch, we are actively working towards being ready to offer this service as soon as possible. We want to give people the best view of the Ozarks and nothing beats the look an eye-in-the-sky can offer.

We are working out pricing, but we do know that there are some things that we want. We want to have this up, running and available as soon as possible.

We do have to register the drone and I want to name it and bestow it a fitting name. Any suggestions? Leave us a comment!

– Chris

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