This Scenic Train Ride In Arkansas Looks Straight Out Of A Fairytale

The romantic journey on this whimsical scenic railway within Northwest Arkansas—in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, to the hill station in the historic town of Eureka Springs—offers spectators a glimpse of 1.2 million acres of pristine untouched wilderness, all from a 20th-century locomotive.

While the golden age of rail travel might seem like a reminiscence of the past, Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway is a reminder of what it means to experience luxury at a leisurely pace. Disembark on a journey recalling the golden era of rail travel while admiring the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas.

The journey begins in the charming Victorian resort village of Eureka Springs in Northwest Arkansas. Awarded “30 Most Beautiful Towns in America” by Expedia, it is a place with its own culture and lifestyle. The city is famous for its steep winding streets lined with Victorian-style cottages and manors.

Awarded “2014 Best Small Town in Arkansas” by AAA Southern Traveler, you’ll discover specialty shops featuring local crafts, antiques, the works of local artists, and standard Ozark tourist fare. The downtown area also features various coffee shops and sidewalk cafés. More than 20 art galleries in the downtown area will keeps art lovers entranced for hours. A city-maintained trolley service provides transportation around town for those who prefer not to drive.

The old commercial section of the city has an alpine character, with an extensive streetscape of well-preserved Victorian buildings, primarily constructed of local stone.

Steeped in history, the area has provided shelter to prehistoric Native American Indian tribes, solace to wealthy business tycoons, and is a haven for outdoor adventure seekers.


The quaint 20th century train station promises to transport visitors back in time with its historic collection of antiquities and steam locomotives.

Explore the local gift shop to take home a memorable souvenir or a piece of history.

The conductor will narrate the scene as you leisurely pass through the Ozark Mountains and surrounding National Forest.

It’s worth booking tickets in the train’s luxury dining car, which provides a more intimate and down-tempo experience. All entreés are accompanied by the chef’s gourmet soup and salad, fresh baked rolls, rice pilaf, mixed vegetables with hollandaise and Flaming Baked Alaska.

Disembark on a journey recalling the golden era of rail travel while winding through the untouched beauty of Northwest Arkansas.

Ticket prices begin at only $16.00 each.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway will reopen next season in 2018, make sure to book tickets ahead of time to reserve your date!